Manshi Namdeo

Aurangzeb Appointed the Administrator of the Mughal throne in 1659, he was not only a capable ruler but also very skillful in his art of seduction. What is more surprising is that he did not only establish a disciplined and powerful Mughal administration. Rather he consolidated and developed the administrative strengths of the country into a strong fortress. But his greatest achievement may have been in developing the Indian Muslim society by converting thousands of women from Hinduism to Islam. This achievement is known as the “Aurangzeb Effect” and is a major reason for the popularity of the name Aurangzeb among the millions who are familiar with him.
There are many aspects of this achievement, which are all the more remarkable. But the first thing that strikes us while reading about Aurangzeb’s conversion to Islam is that he could not resist the temptation of picking up girls from school and college and seducing them. It is not surprising that he had hundreds of call girls at his disposal. What is surprising is that he could manage them well and keep them happy!
But this does not mean that he ran a loose life with these girls. He may not have even seen his wives much and may have engaged in only a limited amount of affair. On the contrary, he had a number of concubines whom he could take on any day. This explains why the question of ‘how to find girls looking for boys’ never arose in his mind. And it explains why the young boys from Aurangzeb’s era, when the maharajas and the brahminars were ruling the country, never complains about their ‘losses’ with the wives of their erstwhile kings.
The biggest advantage that the Aurangzeb years gave to the country was the opening up of the economy to the West. That is exactly what Aurangzeb did, and he exploited this fact to win the confidence and trust of the people. Especially among the Bengalis who had been living in the British East Indies, this was a huge feather in his cap.
That is how he won the confidence of the natives of the region and also made many new friends. As time went by, he managed to win the heart of the Bengalis, as well as the non-Bengali women belonging to other states of India. All this is possible because he was a man who understood the needs and aspirations of the people. No wonder he was loved by every Bengali woman! It is not wrong to say that he was the romantic figure in the subcontinent!
But it is a completely different thing when we compare the lives of the young boys from Aurangzeb’s era with those of the current generation. While the latter’s first priority in life was to make a name in the world, the former made sure he married a beautiful and intelligent girl. The key point is that he found his perfect match for a woman whose mind and soul matched his. He had faith on her.
There are many other interesting examples of ‘romantic heroes’ of modern times. In the movie, Braveheart, Bill Sheeran displays an admirable character. However, it may be fair to say that there is nothing remotely romantic about the character of Bruce Willis, the star of the film. Rather, he has to be the finest ‘romance hero’ of all time, if we are to pin the credit for bringing young women into love. That’s another story!
While most young men find their choice of call girls for romance all the more exciting, some men have a problem with their approach. They tend to take the path of violence. That is a blunt truth. However, there are some men who are gentle and loving. Such men should not be threatened by the advances of call girls.